Unsown land (El Erial)

2020 / Photography

From the open country it is appreciated,

in memorable respect,

the event of the era of the Being.

Era as time and era as space

they are fused as one in their own permanence, founding the Unsown land where everything is in itself.

In this profound earthly world, the Being settled and from this earth the whole world was born.

Era after era in vast eras of Unsown land

rose from the deep,

and in an infinity of clean greens,

the children of the children from the depths of what is in itself.



Heidegger walked towards the beginning of philosophy to unveil a second beginning and thus enable a new way of thinking. This work invites the viewer to take his path to the beginning, but now towards the place where what remains in itself is born: the Unsown land (El Erial), the earth without human intervention. Hence, the present may be transfigured into a second beginning, by assuming the facticity of the other, what is in itself within us.