Twilight Narcisse

2022 / Photography


As day is done, the forest gets thicker and the clearing where Narcisse-Virgile Díaz stays in presence lights up.


Just as Heidegger posited a new start in thinking, and for that was necesary rethink pre-Socratic thinking, I consider that today we need to go back to Romanticism to absorb its thinking and perceptions in relation to the earth. These impulse that born with it was sharply interrupted upon arrival of the industrial revolution. We have since become increasingly detached from the earth and now feel more and more unlike nature. The image of the current world distorts our relationship with everything that exists in and by itself.

This is how this series of works emerged, with the purpose of contemplating the landscape as a signal of the legacy left by great artists and thinkers from the Romanticism.

There is an early true Romanticism, or even a pre-romanticism, which we can explore and take delight in. It is the authentic Romanticism. Afterwards, a contrived style ensued, some methodical and mechanical repetitions that transfigured the profound and crucial romanticism into cheap sentimentality. It is that initial Romanticism that we must draw on in search of a new beginning, accepting what we are today without trying to be what is gone, but bringing back what it is essential and vital, evoking the seed that inspired and gave birth.

Just as there was a dawn of romanticism with its lights, there was also a sunset with its lights. This series features sunrises and sunsets: scenes, environments and landscapes which evoke the spirit of an illustrious figure. Those how lived the beginning represent the sunrise; the sunsets those who painted the last brushstrokes of true Romanticism.

Giclée Fine Art Print
Limited editions