It’s not the landscape, it’s the earth.

It’s not its beauty, it’s how its´s seen.


This photographic work seeks to poeticize the earth, recovering the original romantic meaning considered by Novalis in his “Poeticismos” of 1798.

“The world must be romanticized. In this way one will again discover the origin-meaning. Romanticism is nothing else but a qualitative potentization. The lower self is identified via this operation with a better self. Thus, we ourselves are the products of such a series of potentization. This operation is yet entirely unknown. I romanticize the world by I giving the common a higher meaning, the ordinary a mystery laden quality, the known the dignity of the unknown, and the finite the appearance of the infinite. For the highest, unknown, mystical, infinite, the operation is exactly the opposite.”


Giclée Fine Art Print
Limited editions