2020 / Photography


The earth gives, from an ancient present,

the possibility of being in itself.

The espinillo proves it

and blooms as a spring gift.


The earth gives by itself. When it is uncultivated ground, when it is not altered by human calculating thought, everything it offers is as given, everything is as it is. We are shocked by this mystery of what exists in itself. Today, everything around us is somehow manipulated, altered or planned. Everything that is in itself remains as such, though based on human demands. In order to acknowledge what is in itself, it is necessary to acknowledge the beings that we ourselves are. We are part of this mystery. We are earth, we are uncultivated ground, in the sense that we are the beings that we ourselves are. In other words, we are not the result of mechanical thinking or the product of a machine. It seems obvious, but as we live surrounded by these fabrications and in accordance with their rules, we grow distant from the closest reality, from ourselves, and we see everything that is in itself merely as objects, as ordinary man-made objects. To be able to realize this we need to accept that deep down we are an unfathomable mystery, not a machine with a certain logic, design and structure, subject to be decipherable. This mystery brings uncertainty, and the closer we get to the mystery, the more it feels like a great abyss. Such uncertainty introduces two possibilities: horror or surrender. If we choose to surrender, we begin to admire the Being which by being allows everything to be as it is. The earth reflects itself in us and let us experience what we ourselves are: human, humus, earth, earth that is aware of itself. Besides, the earth offers gifts according to the specificities of space and time. Each corner of the earth features its own peculiarities and infinitely varied nature. Since ancient times, the espinillo has been in itself and manifests itself as a gift from the earth. In those past times, there was a present time, a being in presence that constituted the espinillo as the espinillo, and which still enables it to be as such today. It is an old present. Through the espinillo we may realize how the being in time, the distant past and the unthinkable future merge in what is in itself today, a specific realization of this space/earth in our time/presence. And, at the same time, we stand out as a reflection, as having the same in presence and temporary quality, as timeless and forever present beings.

Photographs taken at the Obra Abierta Residence, San José, Uruguay.


Giclée Fine Art Print
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